Art Through The Loom

Guild History and Information

Art Through The Loom Guild was founded more than thirty-five years ago in the Northern Rio Grande Valley with the idea of training youth to work with traditional ChimayĆ³ weavers. It was the hope of members that by doing this, weaving traditions would be handed down through generations. The guild presents weaving exhibitions and promotes weaving and hand-spinning skills. Although the guild was begun on the premise of handing down traditional weaving practices, it is by no means limited to traditional looking pieces.

Our focus is on weaving, spinning, and dyeing, and, to a lesser extent on techniques that use handwoven, handspun, or hand-dyed materials including knit and crochet items, dolls, and colcha.

Guild members participate as a group in three to four shows and sales each year. We sponsor workshops and discussions focused on developing a successful fiber arts career.

Membership and Dues

The Guild year runs from July 1 through June 30.

Individual Membership dues are $25 per year.

Business Membership(more than 1 Individual) is $40 a year.

Youth Membership(under age 16) $5.

To join or renew for the current Guild year, send your check, made out to ATTL to:


PO Box 6793

Santa Fe, NM 87502-6793

Indicate the guild year on your check. Include your mailing address, phone number, email address

Guild Officers

Co-President: Barbara Roybal,

Co-President: Barbara Knupper,

Treasurer: Kathy Konecki,

Secretary:Natasha Nargis,

Guild Services

Newsletter Editor: Judy Chapman

Facebook: Linda Bentley